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High ceilings and generous windows offering dramatic views of Mt. Baker, the Twin Sisters and gentle farmlands—the classic elements of an inspiring atelier—characterize our versatile painting studio.

Classes & Workshops

Studio Events

The Fine Art & Painting studio hosts Paint & Wine nights throughout the year. These are social painting classes that are fun to take on your own or with friends.

We are currently recruiting artist volunteers who would like to help with additional programming opportunities for the studio.

Open Studio

We do not currently have an Open Studio in the Fine Art & Painting Studio. If you are interested in volunteering at the Jansen Art Center to host Open Studio, please email the studio or complete the online volunteer application.

Student Work

The Painting & Fine Arts studio teaches adult and kids classes throughout the year. Here are some examples of student work.


The Jansen Art Center is excited to serve as a teaching space for artists. Our instructors are passionate about engaging the community in the arts.

Elizabeth grew up in Germany as well as the United States and earned a BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Washington in 2012.  She studied under Israel Hershberg at the Jerusalem Studio School from 2013- 2015.  As well, she participated in two artist residencies in Civita Castellana, Italy.  She very recently returned to Washington State after living in Israel for two years.  Her work is in private collections in Germany, Israel, England, Hong Kong, and the United States.

I took my first watercolor class in 1986 and from then on my visual world was transformed. The world no longer contained rocks and trees but combinations of burnt sienna and Antwerp blue. Although I didn’t have time to paint as much as I wanted to then, I never looked at the world in the same way and always knew painting would be an important part of my life.

My paintings lean to the realistic and detail oriented although I continually fight that aspect of my personality. I strive for looseness in my paintings all the while picking up that small brush. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects although I am drawn to Northwest landscapes, trees, beaches and rocks. I feel that I have just begun and that there is a whole lifetime of learning ahead of me. What fun!

I am a signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society. I am past Workshop Chair, Membership Chair, Historian, Webmaster and I am currently Database Administrator of NWWS. I taught watercolor classes at the Senior Center in Renton, WA for 6 years.


I started to collage in 1997. Gosh, that’s a long time ago! This creative medium especially clicked for me on a day that I really didn’t want to collage. My mentor prompted me to assemble something with the color “blue” in mind to match the especially bad mood I was in.  The piece I created that day was hopeful and beautiful, it offered me an alternative to the negative feelings I walked in with. The torn shapes were like a gift.  My subconscious mind was expressing it’s truth that day. I thought gee – there is more to this than I thought. I was inspired to teach others to pause, tear and assemble so that they too could see inside their subconscious minds.  In 2013 I decided to journal with collage. These page by page expressions became a powerful visual narrative.

Susan Holman is a contemporary oil, acrylic and watercolor painter, living in Bellingham, Washington. She is a visual arts teacher with a graduate degree in education from Western Washington University. She completed her fine arts and design studies at Swain School of Design and the University of Arizona. Susan currently teaches at the Jansen Art Center and Bellingham Technical college. Her recent teaching and visual art work includes: a collaborative art workshop at Western Washington University, local watercolor workshops, and brochure and visual art series for the Seattle Refugee Women’s Alliance. She has exhibited her paintings on both the east and west coasts, locally and in Hawaii. Susan has over 20 years’ experience, in art and teaching, to empower and build artists’ skills and enjoyment.

I paint on silk. I love the way silk’s natural luster adds light to the colors. I love the way you can choose among many surface textures. Silk is a strong vibrant natural fiber that is beautiful all by itself. I paint with dyes. Dyes permeate the whole fiber, displaying their color without hiding the character of the silk itself. They flow effortlessly across the silk. Taking advantage of this flow achieves the smooth blending and subtle shading that is characteristic of silk painting. When a controlled line is desired, one of several types of resist can be used to define an area. I often work from photographs.  I especially love the stories told by the body language  of my subjects. Intricate color shading and distinctive
Line also attracts me. Finally, I paint to connect with the best in the world. I notice a bit of beauty and want to honor it to interact with it, to be able to revisit it again and again.

“My goal is to make fine art, and fine art comes from the soul. If you have virtuosity and facility, you can take and create something of significance. ” – Richard MacDonald

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