Volunteers are vital to the successful functioning of the J (and any nonprofit organization) and we thank you for your time, dedication, and support, without which we could not meet our goals.

Are you interested in joining our team of volunteers? Here are the ways we often need extra hands!

  • Gallery Shop
  • Events & Performances
  • Events: Set Up/Break Down
  • Exhibits & Opening Receptions
  • Kids Do Art, (KDA)
  • Fundraisers
  • Facilities
  • Landscaping
  • Artist Volunteer for a Studio
  • Poster Distribution

We have many delightful volunteers who keep us laughing, tell incredible stories, and do fantastic work at the J. Yet, we always have room for more. If you have some extra time in your month, consider spending it with us. We’ll make it worth your while, and you’ll brighten our days and keep us moving in the right direction.

To volunteer your time and talents, complete the form below.

Phone: 360.354.3600
[email protected]

Volunteer Application

  • Emergency Contact

    Please provide the name and contact for one Emergency Contact
  • Notice of Intent to Procure Background Check

    This notice informs the applicant that as part of our evaluation procedure for volunteers, we may perform a background check.