Radu Sava

Photography Instructor
Radu Sava grew up in Romania and Northern California, recently relocating to Bellingham, WA, with his wife and cat. Purchasing his first camera at the age of 13 in the 1980s, he began his professional work in the medium 24 + years ago. Studying film and digital photography with leading Romanian photographers, he exhibited in Romania, Slovenia, Northern California, and Washington. He has worked on editorials, print campaigns, portraits on location and in the studio, product photography, weddings/event photography, and real estate for small and big clients. In addition to photography, Radu is an award-winning filmmaker. His film “Not If, but when: Wildfire Solutions” is available on amazon.com. Radu is in his 9th year of teaching photography and video production in schools. Radu strives to encapsulate the elusive beauty and power of his subjects through the visual medium.

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