Making a Difference

As a nonprofit, we’ve made it our mission to create opportunities for the community to engage in the arts. No matter your background, age, or experience level, there is something for you to enjoy at the J. Find your creative spark in a class. Discover the history of our character-filled building. Explore gifts and learn the stories behind the art in our Gallery Shop. Get lost in the music by local performers. Find inspiration in unique exhibits. Be a part of the Jansen Art Center.

Art is essential. Art welcomes community regardless of ethnicity, economic status, geographic location, gender, or age. Art tells a story about our culture, history, and values. Art connects people and celebrates humanity.

The J depends on supporters like you to continue our mission of bringing arts engagement to the community, especially during these tough times. You can help us make a difference today through a donation or membership. Our nonprofit status means that much of our support comes from the generosity of our community, funded and sustained by people like you, who share our love for the arts. Renewing your membership and making a donation to the J is easy, and can be done online, over the phone, or in person. Supporting the arts is more important now than ever, and we hope we can see you soon.

All or a portion of your donation may be tax-deductible. The Jansen Art Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 45-4060718.

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