Angela Wright

Painting & Fine Arts Instructor
Angela Wright grew up surrounded by forest in a rural slice of the PNW where she was free to roam and explore. Her love for the intricate beauty of the natural world was instilled in her early on and is still very much a part of her inspirations today. Angela strives to capture the sense of wonder and whimsy she experienced as a child and the nature she still appreciates today, through her work. Her mix of flora and fauna portraiture illustrate a story to the viewer and serve as an “ode” to that creature. Angela is also inspired by bygone eras and incorporates elements of nostalgia into her work. She is primarily a self taught artist working in mostly watercolor and gouache although she is known to be an omni-crafter and has worked in many mediums. After living all over the west coast, studying Marine Biology in Hawaii and working with wildlife organizations in Oregon and Washington, Angela has settled in Bellingham near the San Juan Islands she so loves. The stark contrast of evergreens growing right out of the rocky shores of the Salish Sea are her idea of paradise as they combine her two worlds: lush forests and wild sea. When not painting, Angela can be found gardening and enjoying trails and beaches with her husband, daughter and adventure dog, Luna. Angela’s painting style is accessible to the beginner and the more advanced painter alike. Her goal is to demystify the process by breaking down simplified steps that are easy to follow to help students get results they can be proud of, gain creative confidence and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of art and creating in a hectic world.

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