Liane Budden

Fine Arts Instructor
Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and Southeast Alaska, Liane has been exposed to an abundance of natural and cultural beauty for which offers an immense pallet to choose from. Traditionally trained in the fine art of photography, Liane chooses to focus more on the art of storytelling. Using mediums such as miniature oil painting, drawing with ink and marker, or creating digital art on the iPad, it is the creation and storytelling by way of diorama art that Liane has found a niche and love for. Liane chooses storytelling through diorama art for its unique hands-on approach and attention to detail, in which each individual piece of artwork she creates opens up a whimsical and thought-provoking experience. Liane’s passion for creating art and telling stories is driven by her need for exploration and rejuvenation. It is her belief that art should be accessible by all people as a means to heal, recover, rejuvenate and escape into a world of magic and mystery. Once a person finds their artistic voice nothing should stop them from using it. View Liane’s Website

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