Molly Hazel

Music Instructor
Molly Hazel is a singer, banjo enthusiast, and songwriter who bridges the gap between bluegrass, country, folk, and jazz. Molly grew up with a deep love for music, following in the large footsteps of her very talented parents, Doub and Traci Pearce. Seeing them pursue their passion inspired her to do the same. 
 She was born in Los Angeles, where she and her siblings would play music together in her earliest memories. The piano was her first instrument, taking it on when she was 6 years old. At the age of 12, her love for bluegrass sparked, and she started to learn upright bass. In the meantime, her passion for banjo began, and she set out on the challenge of the 5 stringed instrument. When Molly was 13, her family created The Pearce Family Bluegrass Band. They toured the United States throughout her high school and early college years, self-releasing “Not For Sale” in 2004, “Guilty” in 2006, and “Home” in 2012. Molly married her husband, Caleb Hazel, in 2012, and moved to Bellingham, WA. She soon started playing with The Sky Colony and contributed to the recording and release of their debut album “In A Dream” in 2015. In 2016, Molly had her first son, Colton. During her second pregnancy with Carter in 2018, she recorded her most recent release, “See”. Her brother, Wil Pearce, produced the album. This project shouts “Molly”; genuine and vulnerable in her unique style.

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