When did you begin felting?

I started felting in June 2019 after taking my 1st wet felting class. I always loved seeing pieces from other artists and wanted to learn about felting. I was hooked playing with different fibers and colors and the endless possibilities of combinations. I especially prefer wet felting although I have added some needle felting into my projects.

Could you walk us through your process?

I am inspired by virtually everything…shapes, colors, clouds, architecture, nature….I also photograph anything that interests me. Generally I go back to my photos for my next project, and interpret that as my brain sees it! Once the subject or design is determined, I select the fibers and yarns and put my colors together. The application of each of those materials happens as I am building the piece. I prefer to free flow rather than be too disciplined in the thought process.

What are your favorite vessels to make?

My favorite vessels are large ones, and I prefer taller ones that can take multiple designs and / or materials. I like to add 3-D parts to many of my pieces so the larger vessels afford me that opportunity. I also enjoy adding visual interest or “surprises” to the interior of my pieces, and larger pieces are good for that as well.

Do you have a favorite material or wool to work with?
I love fine Merino wools and Merino / silk blends the most! The sheen, colors and blends are endless. I also like to incorporate wool art yarns, and glass beads are a must! Sparkle is required on all my pieces! And I like to add buttons, tassels, and silk fabrics for added texture and surface interest.

What drives you to create art?

I have always been blessed with creative interests but worked in a job that required constant travel that took all my time and energy. After retiring In November 2018, I was in desperate need of immersing myself into fun and whimsy, and I could finally devote myself to what I wanted to do. I have been involved with fabrics and fibers most of my life so it was a natural transition to learn about wet felting and have fun with it.