SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 – JANUARY 2019

The Jansen Art Center is pleased to welcome artist HyunJu Padilla to The Inn at Lynden. The exhibit, Paintings by HyunJu Padilla, opens on Friday, September 14 and will be on display through January 2019.

HyunJu was born in Seoul Korea and studied fashion illustration in Germany. She graduated from Western Washington University while living in Lynden, Washington and continues to paint. Her paintings have been exhibited in Jansen Art Center as part of the Juried Exhibit Program, and this is her first solo exhibit with the J.


My visual work is a very basic idea to create an abstract landscape. Nature always inspires me and brings the most absolute purity. I created all of my paintings based on my trips to different countries and the everyday landscapes of life. These abstract landscapes are part of an idea and also part of reality, as this is the expressed thought of my world of art.

I create my works using materials such as acrylic flow release and mixed paints. I use various textures and different techniques.  One process involves laying out the canvas and mapping out exactly what I’m doing, then I begin soaking and shaping out the line work, and after that, I begin making the designs. My paintings consist of multiple layers of many colors. I sometimes use a paintbrush as well, but not always. Rather, I manipulate the canvas and flow of paint using my hands. Many complex colors enable me to express my ideas and release that same passion into my work.

This exhibit is brought to you in partnership with The Inn at Lynden

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Hyunju Padilla