Wil James

Ceramics Instructor
Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Metro Detroit, William has been exposed to history, art and culture from an early age, helping to develop his passion for ceramics and other media. His introduction to ceramics started at the Historic Pewabic Pottery in Detroit, Michigan where he learned wheel throwing, tile making and the unique style of lustre glazing. From there, William moved to Bozeman, Montana to finish his degree in Fine Art at Montana State University. At MSU, William focused on locally sourced materials, specifically clay from nearby streams and mountains to make his glazes and clay bodies, and finishing in either wood fired, salt/soda kilns. Heavily influenced by the American arts and craft movement, William has an interest in creating work that is reflective in the time period and location from where the work is made. Since graduating, William has focused on his studio practice at various residencies and through various community outreach programs. He has also created production work for restaurants, national parks and cafes. Recently, William has moved to Washington for a change of pace and to explore the Pacific Northwest.

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