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Leah Meleski

Jewelry Instructor
Leah was born and raised in Connecticut. She moved to Massachusetts in 2004 to pursue her dream of creating jewelry. After going to a liberal arts college for a year and not finding her passion, she happened upon Massachusetts College of Art and Design. This is where it all started. Leah had not realized it was possible to study jewelry and actually become a working living artist. By 2008 Leah earned her BFA in Metals/3D and Art Education. Leah recently moved to Bellingham, Washington to be closer to her family and is excited to be part of the amazing community out there. Every day in her studio Leah creates, plays, explores, and experiments allowing her play to lead to something truly amazing. Play within a process is truly the best way to learn and the only way to succeed. Letting go of failed experiments and knowing which ones to keep is invaluable. She allows herself to make as many mistakes as possible. Letting go of perfectionism when possible, but keeping all of the steps along the way to develop the actual pieces. Leah creates her work in her home studio located in Bellingham, WA, and looks forward to teaching classes here at the Jansen Art Center. You can find more information about what she is currently working on through her blog and her website.

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