Lauryn Taylor

Painting & Fine Arts Instructor
Lauryn Taylor began her career as a professional artist while enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. She majored in graphic design and photography, although secretly she imagined it would be quite fun to abandon the pursuit of a safe career and instead hang out with the painting majors who had purple hair and multiple pierced body parts. A compromise was eventually reached when she was awarded a position interning as a toy and greeting card designer for an edgy division of American Greetings called Those Characters from Cleveland. Immersed in a unique and inspiring corporate culture that promoted individuality among their artists, Lauryn and the “”characters”” created commercial art by day and pursued their fine art by night. The internship evolved into a full time position and launched a successful design and marketing career that spanned two decades. During this period, Lauryn moved to California and continued painting in her non-corporate time, eventually quitting her day job and transitioning into a full time acrylic abstract painter. Her unique painting style and passion for sharing information with fellow artists prompted a gallery owner to encourage her to consider teaching abstract painting workshops. She considered, for about 10 seconds, and took the plunge. That same year, she launched Lauryn Taylor Fine Art, a progressive Carmel-by the Sea gallery designed to provide a fresh exhibition environment for West Coast emerging and established artists. The gallery and painting workshops complemented each other beautifully, and over the next several years Lauryn divided her time between launching new gallery exhibitions and teaching a wide variety of acrylic and encaustic workshops. After many years of living and teaching in California, Lauryn relocated to Washington state, with her husband and son. Currently, she divides her time between family, painting, and teaching workshops.

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