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Joyce Noordmans

Textiles Instructor
As a child growing up in Michigan, Joyce was encouraged in her artistic expression when a teacher loaned her his oils for a time and the love of creative expression was caught. She accomplished a BA in Art and Education with advanced textile work from the University of Michigan. Joyce maintained an active weaving clientele and gallery co-ownership in Michigan before moving to Colorado. Gifted and Talented post-graduate work for the University of Northern Colorado gave opportunities to study in Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico with artists, writers, and storytellers during 2 consecutive summers of Joyce’s 17 years of classroom teaching. In retirement, pastel painting and textiles both gain radiant colors as landscapes of Colorado. Workshops include those with Tony Ortega, Jan Meyers, Susan Olgilvie, Susan Bennerstrom, and several tapestry teachers. Joyce has participated in weaving guilds and conferences in MI, CO, and WA. Acting as president in MI and now in the Whatcom Weavers Guild as Education Outreach advisor.

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