Christy Schroeder-Lloyd

Calligraphy Instructor
In 2005 I traveled to England, to sites of great historical significance in the development of calligraphy and manuscripts.  Standing on the coastline, among monastery ruins and ancient cathedrals, I discovered a profound connection to calligraphy through an ancestry of scribes and the words they had written.  My journey became a pilgrimage of discovery; hence, the name Pilgrim’s Quill Studio was born.  Pilgrim, in this sense, defines me as an artist blessed to be journeying through an art form with an ancient lineage. When I began my calligraphy studies in 1990 at my local community college, I never imagined calligraphy would eventually lead me to Italy, England, Canada, and around the United States.  Study opportunities have opened ancient books of calfskin vellum and words penned by 7th century scribes.  Today, the most beautifully made letters are still rendered with the same tools they were all those centuries ago. I have had the great pleasure to share my knowledge and experience with others by teaching beginner calligraphy courses since 2002.  My students inspire, challenge, and push me continually to do the best that I can.  Sharing my passion is the greatest privilege. I have been honored to work with a number of talented invitation designers and event coordinators, and my calligraphy has been pictured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Seattle Bride, Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom, and blogs, such as Style Me Pretty and Junebug Weddings (see below).  But besides the fabulous professional relationships, I have worked with wonderful private clients who come with an idea and allow me to bring their vision to life. My calligraphy studies and practice have placed me on a path that at once ties me to an ancient lineage that is familiar and humbling, as well as spurring me forward in an effort to maintain a place in the future for this beautiful art form.  Placing a mark of beauty in the world and doing the best I can with the gift I’ve been given—that’s what it’s about.  My hope is that what makes me smile in creating, makes you smile in receiving.

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