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Brecken Stockmar

Ceramics Instructor
I was raised next to a large green belt, in Bellingham Washington. My friends and I spent countless days under the cover of large cedars and fir trees, swimming in creeks, and hiding in the large bundles of ferns. With the Pacific Ocean to the west and the North Cascades to the east, I was in a cove of pure northwest beauty. As the seasons came and went, I noticed the patterns and the growth of the natural world. I started my path in art by painting landscapes inspired by the scenes in my backyard. In high school I was introduced to ceramics and quickly became hooked on throwing. I spent many hours at the wheel, finding that the throwing process was very organic to me. There was something about taking a soft lump of clay from the earth and turning it into a piece of art, that resonated with my love of the natural world. After high school I got a job at a local studio, in which I now manage and teach throwing classes. I have since incorporated the illustrative aspect of painting to my functional work resulting in pieces that tell the story of natural beauty. I hope people who see my art, find bits of inspiration to preserve the nature we still have. Ceramics has been an outlet for me to express the joy I have found in an organic environment, and the love I have for the natural world.

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