Make a Scene

A creative challenge from the Jewelry Studio at the J

Scenes Due: Thursday, July 1

Exhibit Opens: Thursday, July 8

Challenge Rules:

Everyone is invited to Make a Scene! All ages and experience levels are welcome to participate in this DIY, on-your-own activity. There is no cost to participate and finished projects will be displayed in an in-person exhibit at the J and a virtual exhibit online.

  1. Find or construct a “shadow box” 

Maximum size is 10″ x 12″. You can found many, many boxes at places like Goodwill and Value Village near the frame area. Michaels and art supply stores carry boxes as well.

  1. Create a scene of your choice inside the frame.

Use any materials or objects for your scene such as paper, material, metal, paint,clay, wood, plastic etc. Anything goes! 

  1. Decorate and embellish the frame and outside of your box.

Don’t forget to consider all viewing angles.

  1. Register at the button below

Name your creation, set a price if you plan on selling it, include a photo of your work to be featured in the virtual exhibit, and a paragraph/artist statement about your work. 

Drop off your completed Scenes to the Jansen Art Center by Thursday, July 1

The exhibit will open in person and virtually on Thursday, July 8

Join us for an opening reception in the Jansen Art Center piano lounge at 4:00 on Thursday, July 8

As we all celebrate the welcoming signs of spring, the Jansen Art Center Jewelry Studio is proud to present ‘Make a Scene’ – an artistic, creative, reflective project involving a shadow box.

From Judi, Jewelry Studio Head at the J: The idea came from a memory that I hold dear as a second grader. We were to use a shoebox and create a scene inside the box. Once finished, holes were punctured from the top and sides to let in light. Another large hole was inserted on one side for viewing the scene. I chose to make a winter scene with a skater on an ice rink. I found this project to be so much fun and even magical.

Using this concept, select a frame with adequate depth to construct a scene depicting an image reflecting a thought, feeling, memory, image from this past year. We have all certainly have been restricted and confined due to the virus. What was it like for you?