Lori VanEtta – avid rower and artist! Lori has taught elementary school for more than 30 years, serving as an art specialist for grades K through 6. Her immersion in the arts has brought her exciting opportunities, as she continues to grow and flourish as an abstract painter.

Lori’s Artist Statment

Joy, Flow, and Movement

I’ve always been drawn in by visual imagery. The pleasure of creating, and an avid appreciation of art, is an integral part of my life. After teaching full-time for thirty- five years, I now teach art through BAAY and Allied Arts. I finally have time to focus on my own art too! This brings me much joy. I even dream of my paintbrush gliding on canvas.

For years, my art was realistic. Recently, my focus has shifted to non-representational abstract acrylic painting. I start with a compositional sketch or group of colors and go from there. Layering iridescents, golds, copper and other colors is an important component to the paintings. The layers look different from various angles and in different lights, leading the viewer to linger and look at the details.

These explorational paintings take me to the intersections of my love of color, play, and connections. The abstracts are full of inspiration from Georgia O’Keefe, Klimt and other lesser known artists. They are influenced by the birds-eye views in Aboriginal paintings. They are even inspired by the free compositions of children’s paintings.

Each painting is a puzzle and a surprise. What is not a surprise is that I am so happy creating.

Lori is involved in the Whatcom County art scene, and teaches at BAAY EduArts in Bellingham, integrating art and learning as much as possible. Her bright and captivating personality truly shines through in her work!

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