MARCH 1 – APRIL 28, 2018

The Jansen Art Center is pleased to welcome Nepali artist Jyoti Duwadi to the Library Gallery for his solo exhibit Lyrical Earth Colors, which opens with a reception from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM on Thursday, March 1 with live music in the Piano Lounge with jazz pianist Scot Ranney.


Many of my artworks are defined by visual poetry, a personal symbolic language inspired by ancient scripts, aboriginal petroglyphs, and prehistoric cave paintings. I often interpret the rhythms of jazz improvisation and the geometries of Tantric mandalas and electronic, schematic diagrams. Chance and experimentation guide my work, which are meditations on the balance in nature.

~ Jyoti

Born into a family of Nepali poets and writers, Jyoti moved to the US to study political science. After receiving a Ph.D., he began creating art in a wide array of media, including public art installations that address social and environmental issues.

Jyoti incorporates natural materials—ground pigments, beeswax, and ice—into paintings and sculptures. His interest in repurposing everyday objects into art has stimulated recent work using sanding belts marked by trees of the Pacific Northwest. Since moving to Bellingham in 2009, Jyoti has found inspiration in the region’s indigenous cultures and the alpine mountains that remind him of the Himalayan landscape. The artist has exhibited work in galleries and museums in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Toronto, Minneapolis, El Paso, and Bellingham.

~ Barbara Matilsky, Curator

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