2023-24 Upcoming Juried Exhibit Dates:

Spring 2024 Exhibits:

Juried Applications Due: Fri. Feb 23rd
Drop Off: March 30

Open:  Thursday, April 11 – Saturday, June 22

Summer 2024 Exhibits

Juried Applications Due: Fri May 24th
Drop Off: Sat June 29
Open:  Thursday, July 11 – Friday, September 27
Fall 2024 Exhibits:
Juried Applications Due: Fri Aug 30
Drop Off: Sept 27
Open:  Thursday, October 3 – Saturday, December 21
 The Juried Submission Fee has been adjusted to $45 per application. If you have a Membership to the Jansen Art Center, (Artist tier or higher) you can still receive $10 off your submission.
 If you are unable to afford the $45 Submission Fee, you can apply for a Financial Scholarship at the Jansen Art Center. Click Here to Apply.
 If you are having difficulties or are unable to fill out the form please call us at 360-354-3600 before the deadline during our regular opening hours. so we can help you.
 Artists are allowed to submit up to 4 pieces per Exhibit Show. Submitting multiple times to the same seasonal show is not allowed and will not affect your chances of being accepted. We encourage everyone to apply for each Juried Exhibit Show, but due to limited space we are only able to accept a small amount of pieces each season. Being accepted and/or participating in a previous Exhibit over the last 12 months does not guarantee acceptance. 

The deadline for submissions for this exhibit was Midnight on June 12, 2023. Our next submission period will be opening soon. Please check back!