Apse Adorn is comprised of two main members: founders and creative directors Hayley Shea Boyd (metal fabricator and marketer), and Jared Owen Faw (bookkeeper). Hayley has an intuitive eye for art and design, while Jarod has a background in sculpture and cabinetry. Both have a passion for Architecture and its ability to shape our lives and relationships. All of these facets can be seen in their thoughtful and deliberate work. They named Apse after the semi circular dome found at the end of traditional cathedrals, where people encounter “profoundness and beauty”. Their pieces are then intentionally crafted to serve as constant reminders of one’s value and truth in being.


“We believe in the power of adornment; it magnifies what is innately valuable. However, the function of adornment has unconsciously changed, and instead of serving as a magnifier, it often becomes a coping mechanism for deeper things. This is the culture we are aiming to change. When you wear an Apse product, it is our hope that you are reminded of who you are when all the lies you’ve encountered are silenced.” – Haley & Jarod


In their Bellingham based studio, each piece is handcrafted from beginning to the end with ethically sourced, sustainably manufactured, and often previously recycled material originating from within the U.S. In addition, they have partnered with 3 non-profit organizations focused on advocating for human freedoms and donate 10% of their proceeds to these organizations.

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