Including fiber work by Sharon Allen, Sheila Atwater, Carol Berry, Donna Hunter, Jane Kroger, Mary Oates, Chris Paul and Sheri Ward.

September 5 – November 29, 2019

The Jansen Art Center is pleased to host the Fall Fiber Showcase of 2019 in the Library gallery. The exhibit opens with a reception from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM on Thursday, September 5.


Linda Rees

Linda Rees was born in St. Louis, MO in 1940. A course on tapestry weaving in college changed the course of her life, and she would go on to weave nearly every day for the next fifty years. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and worked briefly as a social worker before choosing to become a stay at home mother, pursuing tapestry weaving as a career as her daughter grew older.

Linda’s primary interest in weaving has always been color; she loved the challenge of taking colors that traditionally don’t “go” together and creating an abstract design that made them work aesthetically. Early sources of inspiration that were to have an impact on her art for decades included Mexican serapes and Navajo rugs. Although Linda is no longer able to weave, she is curious and interested in the colors and people around her and remains actively engaged in the weaving community.

Nancy Bjerke

“I’ve woven for 40 years. Tapestry, lace, plaid, handspun/handwoven, rugs, blankets, clothing.

In my weaving journey, I always wanted to make clothes. With SAORI weaving, I found the path for me to sew with weaving, that speaks to me.


The Four Principles of Saori Weaving are:

Consider the difference between a machine and a human

Be Bold and Adventurous

Inspire one another, and everyone on the group

Look through Eyes That Shine

Through the weavings in this exhibit, as in all my Saori weaving, I consider these principles. Weaving reflects my life, relationship to the world around me, and my personal growth. Consider the difference between a machine and a human: Man made? Art, kitsch, craft?  One of a kind? In life we meet a lot of people, some we identify with immediately, some not as easily. Have you felt it, though, on the inside, the difference between being positive and inspirational with someone?  It’s a gift. Pass it on to others. Lots of subtle colors and techniques to make you look for the secret spots. How subtle can I get? How outlandish?  So many questions to explore!

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