Floating Leaf 2

EMERGING NATURE: Paintings by Mike Bathum

March 2 – May 26, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 2, 6:00-8:00pm

Mike Bathum’s painting style has transformed over the course of four decades. He paints tight, up close themes, preferring an intimate association with objects. Bathum describes his paintings as expressing “a dichotomy of objects and their relation to the natural world balanced within a fabricated existence.”

Emerging Nature showcases Bathum’s recent works, in which he engages with the refined detail of wood surfaces: their color, patterns, texture and abstract natural designs. Wood is utilized as an active background in contrast with natural and man-made objects in the foreground such as leaves, flowers, shells, butterflies, pebbles, fruits and vegetables, presented in a trompe-l’oeil style.

Bathum paints using acrylics on heavy rag content printers paper. The color is fresh, the technique spontaneous, and the adhering quality to paper is long-lasting.
Bathum received his BFA in graphic design from the University of Washington, MFA in painting and drawing from Fort Wright College, and Masters of Spirituality and Christian Formation from the Seattle University. His Bellingham studio, Artigiano, specializes in design, liturgical and fine art. His paintings and banners have appeared in galleries, churches, hospitals, and commercial properties throughout the Pacific Northwest, California, the East Coast and New Zealand.

You can visit his studio online at www.bathumart.com.