6 Hour Workshop, (three, two-hour sessions)

Instructor: Pam Fredback

This workshop is designed for students who want a crash course introduction to throwing on the pottery wheel. Students will create 2 to 5 pieces which will be fired to be picked up at a later date. Instruction will encompass ceramics studio safety, how clay becomes a cup (the glazing and firing process), general practices used in ceramics, such as wedging, slipping and scoring and carving. As well as practices typically used in wheel throwing: centering, pulling up, trimming.
Shapes to explore: Cups/cylinders, bowls, vases

AGES: 9 through adult

This activity is suitable for anyone age 5 and above and would be a great multi-generational experience.

$75 per person

Clay included with class fee

This workshop can accommodate up to 6 participants.

This workshop is part of our 4 OR MORE program at the J. 4 OR MORE workshops allow you to plan an art workshop for your group of 4 or more. Explore the workshop options and submit an interest form here to get started. 

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    December 24, 2019
    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


321 Front St, Lynden, Washington, 98264, United States


The Ceramics Studio at the Jansen Art Center is located in the SE corner of the basement floor: