Thursday, September 7
6:00 – 8:00 PM

Anissa has been singing professionally all over the world since she was a young girl. Every one of her performances moves her audiences with her beautiful singing voice. She has several albums under her belt and continues to produce more. She has performed both on national television and has toured with the Indonesian President, winning awards for her performances like the Star of Radio and Television 1st Place (a national competition in Indonesia) and Asia Bagus, Singapore. Her prestige continues with her captivating singing, hypnotizing the entire room with only the opening notes being sung. We hope that you can be captivated, too, during Anissa’s next performance.

Every Thursday night, the J invites you to enjoy live music in the piano lounge while enjoying drinks and food from the Firehall Cafe. Currated by local musician Victor Pruner, the Live Music in the Piano Lounge series is designed to bring a variety of live music to the community of Lynden.

Performances are always free, but tips for the musicians are greatly appreciated.



  • Anissa
    September 7, 2017
    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


321 Front St, Lynden, Washington, 98624, United States


The Piano Lounge at the Jansen Art Center is located in the south middle section of the main floor: