RESCHEDULED – Aluminium Foil Saggar Firing

1 Day

Saturday, May 30
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Instructor: Guest Instructor

Aluminum Foil Saggar Firing. This alternative fast fire method will impart a beautiful and colorful atmospheric quality to the surface of your decorative ceramic work. The instructor will discuss and demonstrate the process to insure the greatest possible outcome for participants. Beginning with clay body types, terra sigillata application and bisque firing temps. Pre-fire chemical solution application, organic and inorganic materials that can be added to impart further surface influence prior to wrapping the work in aluminum foil. The process of loading the kiln and firing, which are a crucial component to the outcome. Horsehair decoration post firing is also an option with this technique. To conclude, the instriuctor will demonstrate sealing and enhancing the surface of your beautiful finished work.

AGES: Adults & Teens 16+

Members: $78.75
Non-Members: $87.50



Participants Preparations: 3 or 4 small pieces 4”-6” made out of a clay body that will withstand the thermal shock of the quick fire process. Using your choice of forming techniques and polished with terra sigillata or burnished, your work should be prepared ahead of the conference and fired to a cone 010 bisque ideally, however bisque fired up to cone 04 yields satisfactory results. Avoid lowfire earthenware clay bodies as they are susceptible to cracking. A highfire porcelain body that can withstand Raku firing stresses yield beautiful results. Terra sigillatta is easy to make but may also be available at your nearest clay supply store. Globe type forms are the most resistant to cracking and show the surface well. These works are decorative only and should not be used to serve food or contain liquid. Respirator (Particapants may want to bring their own respirator with NIOSH approved cartridges for fumes, vapors and gasses).

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  • 1 Day
    May 30, 2020
    10:00 am - 2:00 pm


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