Support the Restoration of the Downtown Lynden Mural

The goal of this fundraising effort is to support the restoration of the iconic downtown Lynden mural. This mural has been a colorful and eye catching welcome to each community member and every visitor who makes their way here.

Due to invasive mold, PorchSwing Properties regrettably had to remove a large section of the wall. With the building construction now complete, we need help from the community to make that entrance to the heart of Lynden as welcoming as before. PorchSwing Properties is excited to offer the wall for mural art again and have engaged Harry and Eric Engstrom to reimagine and paint a Lynden scene.

The design is complete and the artists are now at work! Here’s a sneak peek of what is to come:

Every dollar donated to the Downtown Lynden Mural Project will be used solely to compensate these gifted artists, and we’re thrilled to tell you that any donations above and beyond the $25,000 fundraising goal will be given to the Jansen Art Center. Your donations will be a great encouragement as they work toward completing this artistic welcome to revitalized downtown Lynden.