Donation in Honor of Jay Jorgensen

We at the J want to take this opportunity to appreciate and remember our friend, Jay Jorgensen, who passed away July 10, 2021. We are saddened by his loss, but look upon his time with us with fondness, gratitude, and wonderful memories.

Jay has been an essential participant in the Jansen Art Center since the beginning. His love of art, specifically ceramics, helped to build a community where everyone around him felt inspired to learn, create, and grow. He played an integral role in our development as a board member, donor, and mentor to those in our studios. He was instrumental in the acquisition through Mt. Baker Rotary of our gas fired kiln, as well as other ceramics and textile equipment. Jay was an eager participant in all of the J’s happenings, and his friendly demeanor brightened up the room. He was always willing to give his time and energy to anyone in need.

Here are a few words from Jay’s friends in the ceramics studio:

“Such a generous and loving heart–Jay gave so much of himself without hesitation; we were just speculating that Jay taught the Bottles and Flasks class just to delight us all with our own gift box full of treasured Jay-made tools. My personal goal is to do something Jay would do every day!” -Laurie

“We were all blessed to have the extra time to learn from, collaborate with, and be friends with Jay. He made time for everyone, and made anyone who came into contact with him feel like they mattered.” -Ruth

“He brought happiness to our little ceramic community. He was fun and generous, thoughtful and kind and he got stuff done. When he walked into the studio I knew it would be a good day. He was a talented and inspiring soul.” -Janis

He has imparted his passion for art, his love of all people, his great sense of humor, and his unique style forever onto our organization. He will be missed by so many.

All donations in honor of Jay will be made to the Jansen Art Center ceramics studio.

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