Meet Dan Stockwell!


Dan stumbled upon the J after researching options in Whatcom County, and after meeting a few fellow-potters he claims it was a “Goldilocks” moment. It was just right!

As a Ceramics Studio host, Dan loves the community at the Jansen Art Center. He states, “On most days, there is a free stream of conversation, ideas, and encouragement.”

His favorite vessels to make:

“I like throwing cylinders, bowl and mugs- canvasses to slip and paint upon.”


“Growing up in rural Ahtanum, Washington in the 1950s (population of 200), I was always connecting to nature and animals. As children, almost feral, we ran wild in the summers: inspecting ponds, pastures and barns.

Nature has always fascinated me. On family road trips in the spring, we would travel throughout the Pacific Northwest on road trips or travel via small boat through the San Juans. I am a kayaker, backpacker and hiker, who loves the mountain alpine regions, the islands and rugged coastlines.

Recently I retired from teaching middle school and rediscovers my love of pottery after a 35-year hiatus. Last summer, in the San Juans, I hooked and reeled an endangered rock fish, due to the pressure difference of the ocean floor, it was very distorted yet compelling. My imagination took a field trip to the social life of the San Juan waters.

My ceramic pieces are a collection of these memories, love of nature and translating my watercolor background onto clay. I use either a cone 6 Sea-mix from Seattle pottery Supply or a B mix from Tacoma Pottery supply. I have been using white slip, underglazes and mason stains.”

Dan will have some of his work available for viewing in our 2020 J Studio Showcase Exhibit! There will be an Opening Reception, along with our other Spring exhibits, on March 5 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM.